About Us

I’m Marc Mackay and I’ve set up Bristol Carpentry to showcase the work of some of the best carpenters in Bristol.

My background has always been in the building sector and I grew up on building sites. Back in the early 80′s my mum renovated a ruin next to a dump that is now the city farm in St. Werburghs. The whole cost was £21K and proved what could be done with elbow grease and salvaging mixed with clever design and shopping around.

From then on our family worked with and for people who wanted something similar. In 2002 my mum and me finished building my house on the self build site in St Werburghs, and from that we have helped several of the builds on the site. I’ve also been working in Nailsworth at Ruskin Mill Educational Trust as the maintenance manager, working on very varied projects from class rooms to green timber constructions as well as oak sluice gates, bridges and bespoke gates doors tables benches and everything in between.

Now that I’m setting out on my own I have expanded my knowledge into other forms of carpentry, and with the links I have made, feel it is the right time to show case these innovators.

I hope you enjoy the site, please let me know your thoughts and if you have any contributions you would like to add. Lets all give credit to those people and organisations that also do a good job and manage to offer quality innovative work whilst remaining cost effective!